Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dab dab dab ...

When the kids took off for school this fall, I decided to update our small half bath.  It had been a deep dark brown, so I lightened the walls to a gray-neutral and decided to try out a stencil I had been eyeing for months.  The stencil is a beautiful organic pattern from olive leaf stencils.

The stenciling process is very straight forward.  I am using Martha Stewart's stencil adhesive, available at Michaels, to help adhere the stencil to the wall and to keep nice clean lines.  I use a small stenciling sponge and dab, dab, dab. 

 It's a tedious and time consuming process.  I really like the results, but it is difficult to find the time to get it done.  I'm only stenciling one accent wall,  I've done about 60%, and I think if I put in another 6 hours it might be done. 

I'm stenciling with a silver metallic, so the color you see is dependent on the lighting in the room.  It's fun to walk by during midday when the indirect lighting makes the silver seem to glow!

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