Thursday, December 15, 2011

woven gift wrap

This is an idea I've had for quite a while, and finally got around to doing.  The possibilites are limitless for what could be woven onto the top of a package; initials, shapes, plaid, checks, etc...  Not to mention the infinite number of possibilities for materials: yarn, twine, twill tape, rubber bands, shoe strings...

I'm really pleased with this.  It's a very simple process, it takes a little more time than the average wrap job, but the result is personalized and feels so nice to the touch in addition to looking pretty.

* The first step is to wrap the package in your base color.  
   Wrap as close to the edge as you like, without getting so close that the yarn slips off.

* Next, grab a sheet of graph paper.  (I love graph paper!)  
* Sketch out a rectangle representative of your package.  
   For example, I ended up with 23 strands of yarn on the front of my package, and I wanted a relatively
   square image, so I sketched a 23x23 square.
* Then experiment to figure out what pattern looks good in the space you have.

* Finally, pull strands of your contrasting color(s) through the base color according to your sketch. 
  I used a crochet hook to help with this process.
  Tie the strands off on the back as you go.


  1. Love this wrapping idea. You really did inherit some great creativity.