Tuesday, March 13, 2012

gel pen roll - o's birthday part 2

Here's a little pen roll I made to go along with the t-shirt for Miss O's 8th birthday.  

I know there are many crayon/marker/pencil/etc rolls out there, but I'd never made one before.
So, here's how I made mine.

  • Fold fabric in half (approx. 14" x 14" prior to fold).  
  • Stitch along one end and the length
  • Trim corners, flip right side out, press

  • Fold open end in approx 1/2", press & pin
  • Fold 18" length of ribbon and pin within the opening 

  • Stitch around outside edge, closing open end and securing ribbon in the process.
  • I added a triple stitch along the ribbon end.

  • Cut a strip of wool felt (approx. 14" x 1")
  • Sew ends of felt in place
  • Divide length by number of pens to hold, and mark with pins

  • Stitch forward and back across the felt at each pin marking
  • (The fabric I used was busy, so I just stitched through the whole deal, but if one wanted a really clean appearance on the outside of the roll, the felt strip should be attached first.)


  1. It has already been to a restaurant with us! You are a great gift-giver!!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad she likes it!