Thursday, May 24, 2012

if i had my own line of fabric...

I've been taking a pattern design class at  The class has been so much fun, and Alma the instructor is uber-wonderful, I can't say enough good things about nicole's classes.

Here are a few of the patterns I've designed.  Someday I'd really love to see these in a quilt.  In the meantime, I will daydream about my imaginary fabric's called 'dime•stone' (named after a misconception I had as a child that mixed diamonds and rhinestones together) I hope you enjoy it.

I may even come up with some printable stationary based upon it...


  1. Where can I order my fat quarter???? You could always have them done on Spoonflower ;)

  2. Yes you MUST have your own line! The patterns above are just marvelous. Yes! Jody - I was going to say the same thing. Spoonflower is a must!!

  3. These are beautiful! I have a friend in fashion who recently closed her textile printing business... Let me know if you'd like to connect!