Thursday, May 17, 2012

seed bead billy balls

I love billy ball flowers, so perfect and round.   This version is made with styrofoam balls and seed beads.

Here's what you'll need:

+ styrofoam balls (I used 15/16 in. balls)

+ seed beads in the color of your choice

+ coordinating tissue paper

+ glue (I ended up using both a white craft glue and a clear "ultra tacky" craft glue)

+ floral stems

1. Cut a small square of tissue paper that will cover your ball, paint lightly with white glue.

2. Wrap ball with tissue paper

3. Twist the extra tissue into a small point that can be used as a temporary handle, allow tissue to dry completely.

4. ...take a deep breath and get something good to listen too...
 Working in sections, apply clear tacky glue on tissue covered ball and place seed beads (I used a toothpick to help arrange them).  When the ball is about 75% covered in beads, cut off the tissue paper point and insert a floral stem.  Continue to glue and place beads, until the ball in completely covered.
5. Enjoy your tedious, but beautiful creations!

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