Saturday, June 9, 2012

allergy season in style / a.k.a custom tissue box cover

I'm not sure who the tissue manufacturers have in mind when they come up with their box designs, but it's definitely not me.  Blue tinted peonies?  ...No thank you.  

Here's a quick and simple way to make your own custom tissue box cover.

1. Grab an empty tissue box (make sure it's at least as tall as the boxes you normally use).  Cut off the bottom and release the glue on one end.

2. Slide the empty box top over your full tissue box and tape open end loosely.  The goal here is to have a cover that slides smoothly on and off the full tissue box.

3. Select paper (you could also use fabric...) in which to wrap the tissue box cover.  (I used a lovely Snow & Graham wrapping paper)

4. Cut toward corners at 45° angle, then wrap sides.

5. Fold ends to meet sides and trim excess paper, then wrap over ends.

6. Fold paper over bottom edge and tape securely, cut through opening and tape securely.

Slide it over your tissue box and enjoy!

Bless you!

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