Thursday, September 6, 2012

girly birthday printables

DOWNLOAD: invitations, thank you front, thank you back

We had a very girly birthday at our house recently, in fact our thank you cards just headed out to the mail today.  This is a version of the invites that can be personalized, as well as matching "fill in the blank" thank you cards.  (I find it much easier to convince a 7yr old to use these than to write out 10 individual thank you cards!)

The invitations print 2 to a page, use good quality card stock for best results.  The thank you cards will print 4 to a page, you will need to download both the front and back. Print the fronts, flip & re-insert your paper, then print the backs.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

goodbye summer

Hello! I'm back. We said our official goodbye to summer as the munchkins headed off to school last week.  I'm dusting off the computer and catching up with the world a bit this week.  The summer was so much fun and much too short.   I was blessed to be able to spend lots of time with my two favorite people and soaked up as much of them as I could.  Now I'm feeling renewed and ready for the fall.

Here's a small taste of what we've been up to:


living history.

the lake. (lake there another one?)

the beach.

family time.