Wednesday, March 27, 2013

easter bunnies

Time is flying this year, I can hardly believe it's already Easter.  I think all my Easter projects this year will fall into the "better late than never" category.  Here's a fun one to do with the kiddos...bunny cupcakes.  Super simple, super cute, super yummy.

First you will need to make some ears. 

+  Melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler. (Stir in double boiler until just a few lumps remain, then remove from heat and stir until smooth.  Don't let the chocolate get warmer than 110°F or it won't set!)
+ Use food color to create whatever colors you like.
+ Put chocolate into some kind of squeezing container.  ( I used small plastic bottles, but a plastic sandwich bag with the corner snipped off would work well also.)
+ Form ears on a sheet of wax paper.
+ Pop them in the fridge to finish setting.

Then it's time to decorate!

+ Frost cupcakes (I think the cupcakes look best when they are as close to a perfect dome as possible, so mound the frosting and smooth.)
+ Small pastel confectioners decorations make great cheeks
+ Dark icing and a small tip (I used a #2)
+ Insert the ears