Friday, March 30, 2012

eggs - 2 ways

Easter is steadily sneaking up upon me.  I've had a couple of ideas running through my head for eggs, so finally put them to the test...and for the most part I would declare them successful.

EGG 1: Pointillism Eggs

Here's how I made them:

+ Rub down hard boiled eggs with vinegar, to prepare the surface for dye.

+ Add a few drops of food coloring (I like the wilton gel colors found at Target) to about 1/2 tsp of water.
+ Using a toothpick, dip and dab.

This takes a while, though it's not as bad as one might guess.  (I turned on my current book on tape - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - dabbed away and thoroughly enjoyed myself)

"Ombre-ish" egg

Updated: This might be a great way to introduce pointillist artists such as Georges Seurat. (There's a lot of info here)  Kids could add words or initials and simple images such as crosses, hearts, stars, etc..

EGG 2: Origami Decoupage Eggs

+ Cut shapes from origami paper
+ Slightly water down a bit of white craft glue

+ Make slight cuts in the edge of the shapes so that they will conform to the curve of the egg
+ Apply a thin layer of glue to the egg
+ Place shape, and cover with another thin layer of glue


  1. I love the pointillism eggs! They look fantastic, but I just don't think I have the patience..

    1. Thanks! They were really only about 10 minutes an egg...

  2. What you call "origami egg" is called decoupage eggs by the International Egg Art Guild. Here's one from one of the Grand Masters of Egg Art:

    1. Your so right, I totally neglected the decoupage label...I've updated the title appropriately! Thanks! While the morning glory egg isn't my style, it is very impressive.

  3. Ces oeufs sont très jolis! Bravo!