Friday, February 17, 2012

6-pack of creativity

When the kids were little, I discovered that pop bottle carriers make great art caddies.  They're inexpensive, light weight, portable, and when it's time to replace them you end up with a great excuse for root beer floats!  As you can see our most recent caddy has seen better days, the other side even has a big gash in it.  I had tried to use a 4-pack carrier, but it's just too tight to fit all our supplies. Time to replace it.

From experience I've learned that sealing the ends with packaging tape and adding an extra bit of tagboard to firm up the dividers will make the caddy last much longer.  Ours usually last about 2 years.

Ahh, freshly organized art supplies!!


  1. For my husband's birthday, we had a casual get-together and bonfire. In lieu of gifts, we asked friends to bring their favorite 6-pack of beer to share. He doesn't know it, but I saved some of those boxes for exactly this purpose! Maybe 'beer' boxes aren't quite as appropriate as 'root beer' but the graphic designs really are quite lovely... plus my little guy is only three. :)

  2. IKEA has similar, but taller, brown, corrugate boxes in their 'packing' area by customer service. Great for storing taller items like paint bottles, condiments and picnic flatware, etc. and make for fun art projects.