Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent 2012

Here's the advent calendar I put together for Christmas 2012.  Last year's advent calendar was fun, but it was just about receiving gifts.  I was very inspired by this calendar, and decided to make an effort to minimize the material aspect of Christmas.

Within each envelope there is a small card with that day's "gift".  I didn't completely get rid of material items, there are still a couple of days on which the kids will receive a small gift or treat.  The remaining days have activities to do together as a family or for others in our community.

Some of the activities include:
+ Watching Christmas movies together
+ Going ice skating
+ Christmas caroling at a rest home
+ Making gingerbread houses
+ Making winter bird feeders
+ Going bowling
+ Making fleece hats for needy kids
+ Delivering toys to Toys for Tots
+ Pancakes for dinner
+ Making candy
+ Looking at Christmas lights

The calendar itself was put together with small craft envelopes I found at Michaels, and washi tape from Target.  I printed out the numbers on adhesive paper and adhered them to the front of each envelope.  Quick & simple...which is what I need at this busy time of year!

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