Saturday, December 8, 2012

crispy rice folks

For the 4th day of advent, our activity for together time was creating snowmen out of rice cereal.  We'd prefer to make real snowmen, but mother nature hasn't been cooperating. Fortunately,  this turned out to be a simple project that was also a lot off creative fun.

I made the standard crispy rice treats, then the kids covered their hands in LOTS of butter  and went to town making different kinds of "men" and creatures.

    Pierre, and his pet sheep Shaun.

We used the following items for decorations:
+ hats - chocolate sandwich cookies & marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate chips
+ buttons & eyes - mini chocolate chips  (nerds would be cute for a little more color)
+ scarves & mittens - fruit roll-up/tape (I only bought red, but there were many fun colors to choose from)
+ nose - marzipan (& food coloring)
+ arms - toothpicks (pretzel sticks were my original plan...but I forgot them while shopping)

    Edmund out for a stroll with his friend Pierre, who seems to be a bit tipsy.   Perhaps he indulged in
    the egg nog a bit too much!

Here's the complete collection of all our folks.  

    ...lots of fun, super cute, very tasty!

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  1. Ann, these are adorable. Thanks for sharing. I may have to do these with the folks I work with at the SR Center.